We love eating out! Growing up in France and Belgium and frequently eating at restaurants, it was my childhood ambition to become a Michelin Guide inspector. I have studied thousands of menus world-wide.

English Restaurant Menus and Hotel Information

But how often have you laughed at the English translations in a foreign restaurant? It may be comical, or even impossible to understand.

Yes, even at the most expensive restaurants …

Popular examples include:

“Strawberries & Scum” (Barcelona)

“A delicious Attack of Chick Peas” (Barcelona)

“Climbing with Hen” (Moscow)

“Sir Loin with potato cheeps” (Singapore)

What are your favourites?

We offer to review English menu translations to support the good image of your restaurant or hotel, including:

  • Review of the menu text
  • Clarifications if any points are not clear
  • Suggested edits


For Hotels and Guest Houses

We review and edit English texts for guest room information folders and other marketing material.

You have made so much effort to assure that every aspect of decor, welcoming environment and hospitality is of the highest quality. Allow us to review your English texts for clarity and precision, so you do not spoil the good impression.

For further details please contact Vanessa at Bluestream Marketing


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