Review, Editing and Creation of Effective English Marketing Material
marketing materialTo improve your international marketing potential we propose the following:              עברית

Stage 1. An in-depth review of your current international marketing materials in English: website, flyers, product sheets, brochures,  catalogues and sales presentations.

We present you with a clear report of our conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the current material, and our recommendations.

Stage 2. Based on our report, we decide the next step together. This may range from an edit of the text used in the current material, to the preparation of new material.

Stage 3. Now you have your revised marketing material. Together we set a timetable for review, maintenance and updates.

Stage 4. Together we agree on a reasonable lead time to prepare new material for special projects, such as trade shows or special promotions.

We can support and mentor your team through the above process, or take care of producing new material on your behalf, based on your information. There may be further requirements, which we can discuss.



Translating Your Marketing Material

We offer professional human translation into English from Hebrew, French and other languages, at reasonable rates, on request.

For further details please contact Bluestream Marketing


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