International Market Development Involves…

1. A thorough understanding of the product being offered : The Solution.

2. Appreciation of where that product may be sold : The Need.

3. The ability to link between the two for the benefit of both: a “Win-Win” situation.


My name is Vanessa Squire. I have lived in England, Belgium, France, Australia, USA and Israel.

I have more than 30 years’ experience marketing world-wide to every continent.

I speak English, Hebrew, French and German. I have successfully developed international marketing and sales in many industries, including:

  • plastics, in particular when used instead of wood and carton for eco-packaging, material handling and storage. Products include pallets and crates.
  • children’s furniture for schools, institutions and retail.
  • paint and decorating accessories for DIY and professional use.
  • diamond tools for the stone, construction and DIY industries. Products include cutting discs, core drills, grinding tools and wheels.
  • diamond burs for dental applications.
  • bags and leather goods for promotional markets. Products include backpacks, laptop bags, travel bags, wallets and folders.
  • WPC (wood plastic composite) decking, instead of traditional timber decking.
  • software to enhance event management.


I am currently working on a number of international market development projects. The process includes the following steps:

1. Establish a sound technical understanding of the product, its market and its potential.

2. Assess a product’s sales potential.

3. Review of current marketing materials, if available.

4. Develop new marketing materials and sales presentations.

5. Establish personal contacts to develop sales.

6. Maintain established sales.

7. Assist in cross-cultural communication. Accompany you to key meetings, lectures, reviews, audits, trade shows to provide interpretation and assessment of communication.

8. If required, we can attend meetings and presentations on your behalf.


If you have an international marketing project for consideration please contact me:

Vanessa at Bluestream Marketing


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