Bluestream Marketing is not another marketing communication service offering creative writing. Bluestream has over 30 years’ experience successfully marketing products and services to every continent (except possibly Antarctica). We share our expertise in English, backed by proven marketing and sales experience to support your marketing success.

You are simply looking for clear, fast results. Perhaps you know what to do, you just don’t have time to do it.

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We save you time and effort, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

We usually recommend British English, but can also prepare your material in American English and International English to suit the target market.

An effective marketing message often provides the key to success.

“There is no second chance to make a first impression.”
OK, it’s a cliché, but it’s true.

Sharp, clear marketing material is essential for the best first impression.

In quality and style the material must reflect your brand.

The material must communicate successfully with your target market.

We specialise in the clear presentation of complex marketing material, including catalogues, brochures, flyers, sales presentations and websites in English. We apply adaptability, intuition, experience and a knowledge of several languages and cultures. Together we establish what the marketing message is, and who it is aimed at, because clarity in these areas is essential for success.

This simple approach results in long-term rewards.


Bluestream Marketing Services


  • first of all, we review your current marketing material in English


  • then we adapt and edit your material, if necessary


  • we prepare effective English marketing material, if necessary


  • and offer social media support in English


  • as well as cross-cultural and intercultural communication support


  • we can help to identify potential clients, and then establish contact


  • then we deliver effective English marketing material to your potential clients


  • if required, we can attend meetings, audits and presentations either with you, or on your behalf


Contact Bluestream Marketing. We welcome your feedback and enquiries.


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