British English Differences

It is clear to most of us that there are significant differences between British English and American or “International” English. English has become the universal language for commerce – in spite of its grammatical challenges.

Surveys show that when preparing material for International Marketing, British English is the most effective language. True, there are differences in spelling and terminology, but more of the world uses British than American English: Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and all the European countries are more comfortable with the British variant.

It is also accepted that American buyers are linguistically tolerant, and find British English charming, associated historically with culture and good quality. British buyers receiving American English marketing material may be annoyed by it, and less likely to conclude a deal.

At BlueStream Marketing we are very sensitive to the differences between the British variant and other forms of English. Our expertise lies in editing and adapting marketing material into clear, sharp, concise British English.










With British  good manners, we say “Thank You” for understanding the importance of this, and look forward to working with you to review and adapt your marketing material.

For further details please contact Vanessa at Bluestream Marketing


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